Running Confused

If you’re reading this let me apologize in advance. I’m not really sure where I’m gong to go with this. I’m going to start writing and with any luck by the end of this I will get to a point.

Lately my running has confused me.

I’ve never been an amazing runner. My best time at a half marathon has been 2:30 hours. And usually around 30 mins for a 5K. So anywhere from 10 – 11 minute miles. And honestly that is good for me. I try and shoot for faster times but I rarely work on speed. Right now most of my goals have been pushing distance. 2013 was a half marathon, 2014 a triathlon and 2015 is a full marathon. Maybe speed will come next year.

Anyways. Lately I’m not sure what’s going on. That’s where the confusion comes from. I’ve started out my last few runs and it’s been tough keeping air in my lungs and my calves have been tightening up. As a result I’ve had to run/ walk more than usual. My last 5 runs have been closer to the 12 minute mile mark.

Last 5 runs

The confusion is, these are issues I’ve never really faced before. Getting air to my lungs was an issue I had when I first started running but rarely since. It could be many things. Maybe I just need to suck it up and keep running through it. I mean after all I have only run 9 runs outdoors this year. It is still very early on in the year. So maybe I am making too much of this. Or maybe there is something going on. Who knows. And that’s where the confusion comes from. A month from now I could be blogging about a sub 30 5K, I could be blogging about a doctor telling me there’s something going on with my respiratory system. We shall see.

The good news is I’ve already doubled my miles run this March from last March. Last year I ran 20 miles in March. So far I’ve ran 40 and have another 10+ miles ahead of me for the month. My first 50+ mile month last year was June. I’ll hit that mark 3 months ahead of last year. So the rest of the year should go great.

March 2013 vs March 2014

Not sure if I got to that point I said I would at the beginning of the post. Maybe I have maybe I haven’t. But as always I will continue to push on and see what the road has in store ahead  of me.

I may think my time isn’t the best, but this sign tonight says I did 25 mph! Or that car did, whatever…..

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