Book Review: “Marathon Training” by Joe Henderson

The second book on my marathon training adventure was “Marathon Training. The 100-Day Program for Success”. This book was written by Joe Henderson.


I do not know the official background on Joe Henderson, but his words can be trusted. He mentions in the book that he was a contributor to Runners World magazine in the 1970’s. Also he talks about running marathons all over the country (including the major ones like Boston and NY). So as far as advice goes he is someone’s advice that I respect.

Having said that, truth be told I did not finish this book. I got half way through before deciding to call it quits. Not because I thought it was a bad book. But it is truly a 100 day program for marathon training. Yes, I do realize that is in the title so this should not surprise me. But I took a chance on the book because I am new to marathon training and am not too good for anyone’s advice.

Again the book follows a strict 100 day plan. If you are not on the same plan it can be a tough book to read. The chapters are broken up by weekly training sessions where you log information for each day you run. Every two pages are constucted the same way; a daily training log on one page and a story about running on the other. The stories range from the authors personal experiences to elite runners and experts in the running industry (shoe designers, coaches, etc.)

While I enjoyed reading the personal stories they did not all come together in the book the way I would have liked. Each page of stories was different from the other. So the author had to get his thoughts on a specific topic all out on one page before moving to the next. For someone not following his plan and instead just trying to take the advice he was offering it was very difficult. The stories would sometimes just be there to help motivate you through the plan that day. For me trying to get a bigger picture view it was very difficult to follow along. Since I have other books I want to get to I made the decision to stop reading this book half way through.

Again, this review is not being negative towards the book. If I decided to do his 100 day plan I would see a lot more value in this book. However I am not on this plan. So trying to read it all the way through as a training book for my own personal plan was not working for me. Overall I can tell the author is very knowledgeable on the subject and I think it is worth it to look into some of his other works.

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