Eat Well, Run Well

Tonight was my second official run of my half marathon program. Nothing much, just 2.5 miles. I decided to go back to basics to prep for the Philly Half Marathon in November. I could easily get out there and do a 10K or 15K right now but I am a creature of habit so I decided to go back to my first ever half marathon plan.

The 1st run wasn’t bad. It wasn’t amazing but I finished no problem. Two days later and I ran the same distance. Only this time I felt better. Didn’t feel sluggish like I did two nights ago.

The difference? Food.

Lunch on the day of my first run: 3 sausage pepper and onion sandwiches.

Lunch today: grilled chicken with steamed broccoli.

Obviously I’m not breaking any news here but focusing on your food is equally important as completing your training miles. And I have always known that but feeling the difference really helps put it in perspective.

A few weeks back I completed a 28 day meal plan. And I really educated myself that you don’t eat healthy by just sticking to salads. You need protein, carbs, etc. It helped my discipline on good meal preparation. So now for this half marathon I am adding clean eating to my training and with any luck it will help me set a PR.

Running and healthy eating, match made in heaven.

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