Weekly Workout Recap

This week started my 3 month Tough Mudder training. Another 3 month plan to go through the ups and downs and I look forward to every minute!

Saturday- 2 Mile Run (9:15 Pace)

Sunday- Rest Day

Monday- 40 Minute Upper Body Workout

Tuesday- 2 Mile Run (9:30 Pace)

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- 2 Mile Run (9:40 Pace)

Friday- 40 Minute Upper Body Workout


The first Upper Body workout was intense. It is a lot of TRX work and focused around arm/ shoulder strength training with some core work. This will be the first time in all of my fitness experiences that I will be focusing on just more than running. So it will definitely be a shake up of what I am used to. And so far it has been a lot of fun.

I have always felt like when I am lifting in the gym I am just kind of going through the motions with no real rhyme or reason. It is good to have an actual plan to follow to get me where I need to be.

Also this week I was introduced to the #TMPushUpClub. If you do not know this is a hashtag used to connect people who are in the Tough Mudder program. Each day at noon the official Tough Mudder twitter account rolls 4 dice. The 4 dice represent the amount of push ups to do and in how many sets.

It’s a small thing, but something I really enjoy. When I started my running journey I was very much a lone man on an island. As I have said before my biggest support system (or so I thought) was my girlfriend at the time. Not to rehash much but she was unsupportive and it caused me to experience a lot of exciting new things alone. So as a result I gravitated towards social media. The beauty of hashtags is that it connects you with people experiencing the same things. And as someone who just started running at the time it was good to not feel alone.

Fast forward a year later and I still very much enjoy the social aspect of all of this. Call it a psychological thing if you would like, but I enjoy being connected to a like minded community. So having found the #TMPushUpClub, I am very excited to experience this new journey and share what I am going through.


Modified TRX Training. Swing works just like the TRX Strap. Intense!

Modified TRX Training. Swing works just like the TRX Strap. Intense!

First day of the #TMPushUpClub!

First day of the #TMPushUpClub!

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