First Day of Tough Mudder Training

As the title implies today I started a 3 month training plan for a Tough Mudder run. The plan was created by Jim Nix, who is a Tough Mudder trainer and owner of Full Circle Fitness Training in Silver Springs, MD.

The plan essentially is a 5 day a week plan with a mix of strength training and running increasing the work load as time goes on. Tonight’s workout was a 40 min Upper Body workout with 20 min of warm up/ cool down. And let me tell you the first day was intense.

Start of the 1st day. For not looking like much, it kicked my butt!

Start of the 1st day. For not looking like much, it kicked my butt!

I go to the gym pretty regularly outside of just my running, so full body workouts aren’t anything new to me. However, as I mentioned in my last post, sometimes I do not push myself as hard as I should. So tonight showed me how intense these three months will be. I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and I really enjoyed it.

That has been the one thing I have missed with running; the newness of it all. Not knowing what is next and how your body will react to everything and if you can even physically handle the workouts.

Running has been a lot of fun, but as with everything, as time goes on that feeling of a new exciting adventure fades away. And that is to be expected when you get into a repetition. What I really enjoyed about running when I first started, was pushing myself beyond my limits. Don’t get me wrong I continue to push myself with running, but the difference is I now know I can do Half Marathons, Duathlons and Triathlons. Whereas when I first started I had no clue if they were physically possible for me.

The Tough Mudder training has already brought that back in just one day. I am experiencing things I have never done before and the outlook is scary. But I know if I push myself, and just like when I started running, take it one day at a time, I will succeed.

For this new adventure I look to the same quote that inspired me to get through my first Half Marathon training program….


Here is to a new and fun adventure!


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