5K PR and What is Going on With My Knee??

This week was my first virtual 5K and a PR for that same run! It was the US Running- Crazy Monkey 5K. As I mentioned it was my first virtual 5K and I really liked it. The medal that came with the 5K is probably the nicest medal I have received to date as far as quality and look goes. The US Running site does a lot of different virtual 5K’s and I know this will not be my last one. I can’t deny it, a big part of me does it for the medals. No shame in my game.




I was happy I made it through the 5K because my knee, from what I can tell, is pretty messed up. Long story short I was moving my parents this past weekend and took a pretty nasty fall on some concrete. My right knee braced the fall and took the entire impact of my body crashing down. I do not know what is going on in there but something feels like it is moving around and unattached and clearly shouldn’t be. So needless to say I concentrated on every single stride that my right foot took during the run.  The weird thing is, that it does not hurt to walk or run on. It only hurts when I move it in certain directions. Honestly it feels like the knee is held together by tape and rubber bands. But after the run it did feel a bit better so I was happy I didn’t do more damage.

For that 5K I also hit a PR! To date, my fastest 5K was 29:30. For this race I finished in a time of 28:55! I could sense towards the beginning of the run that I would hit a PR, but I knew it would be tough. So I kept at it and at about the 2.25 mile mark I kept telling myself “ok keep a fast pace and you can take it easy towards the end”. I am glad I didn’t listen to myself because “taking it easy” is not how you accomplish things.

That is what I would like to work on next; pushing myself harder. I have always thought that running was never too difficult on me physically. Not to suggest running is easy, but I always found that my legs held up and so did my body pretty well during long runs. Clearly running is a very difficult activity, but I never had to fight my body as much as I would have thought (if that makes any sense).

So the next part of my journey is to push myself physically. Get past my comfort zone as they say. Luckily I have a 5K Mud Run next weekend, a Spartan Race in a few months and Tough Mudder shortly after that. I feel those will be good races to get myself out of a comfort zone and into a mentality of pushing myself even when I think I can’t.

Outside of that I also started to increase my running activity on social media. I have always been pretty active about my running on Twitter, but recently I felt like there was no real resource on twitter dedicated to the running community in Philadelphia. For those that do not know Philadelphia is a very rich community as far as running is concerned. Most major towns have an official running company, there is a race just about every weekend, and a lot of national running celebrities will come here to partake in our major runs.

So this week I set out and created the Twitter handle: @RunningPhilly. In less than a weeks time I already have more followers on that than I do my personal twitter that I have had for years. I am getting pretty good feedback from it and have had a lot of good interactions with people. I even created this logo to start branding myself a little more:



So here I am. Injured, PR’ing 5K’s and active in the Philadelphia Running Twitter community. A relatively good week all things considered. Just like that the running journey continues….

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