Weekly Recap

So the title of this blog is not dedicated towards a weekly workout recap because there wasn’t much to be had. For the past few days I have been recovering an injury that slowed down running a bit.

It is hard to consider it an actual injury since the issue I was dealing with was an extreme case of sunburn on my quads. None the less walking has been very difficult this week so running wasn’t even a thought.

Last week I went to the beach and decided it would be good to get some sun, without the use of sunscreen. Lesson learned. I had what felt like 2nd degree burns on my legs. I went out for a mile run to finish the last day of my 40 day running streak and I thought I ran a full marathon.

So to prevent anything worse I took Saturday- Wednesday off from running. But last night got right back on it and went out for a 5K.

Taking 5 days off like that impacted me more than expected. Not so much physically. Sure the run was tough, but I finished in good time all things considered.

More importantly the days off showed me how much running has consumed my life. First off I felt like I was getting cabin fever. My typical schedule has been working, get home, prepare dinner and make time for a run. All said and done I probably only get maybe an hour to an hour and a half of time after work to myself not spent running every day. So to have all this free time was very weird to me.

The days of me coming home, sitting on the couch and wasting the evening seem like they are very distant.

Also I felt like I was missing out. I track my running on Nike+ and have a handful of connections on their. Watching some people record runs while I was sitting at home resting made me feel like I was missing out and almost lazy to an extent.

The brief time away really showed me how much running is becoming a part of me. Even though I have completed 10 mile races, half marathons and other longer distance runs, I still have always felt like a casual runner. And compared to most runners out there I probably am. But for me the time off showed me how much I am not so casual, and it is something that is a big part of me.

Now that I am back on the horse I look forward to the next few runs!

Upcoming running schedule:

7/15- Crazy Monkey 5K (First Virtual Race!)

7/27- Merrell Down and Dirty 5K

8/24-  Philadelphia OUCH! Race 15K

9/6- The Inaugural Philly 10K


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