Random Running Thoughts

This post is just all about what’s on my mind.

Tonight I participated in a #RunChat on twitter. For those of you who don’t know, it’s every Sunday night and a moderator asks a series of running related questions using the #RunChat tag line. It is a way for runners around the world to connect with one another. Tonight’s event really helped me realize how far I have come. It was just a year ago that I up and decided to start and run. Here I am a year later with 3 10+ mile races under my belt, a triathlon, countless 5K’s and in one of those 5K’s a top 3 finish for my age group. I am excited for what the future has in store.

This weekend I am headed down to the beach, specifically Wildwood, NJ. My family has a house down there so my immediate family and significant others are all going down. We have had the house down there forever and the family is selling it this year, so this will probably be the last trip. I was looking up things to do on the events calendar and saw there is a 4th of July 5K on the beach. Since I missed the Wildwood Half Marathon, I thought it would be good to take advantage of this. So I am. I am also excited because the 4th of July will also be the last day of my #RWRunStreak which started on Memorial Day. So what better way to celebrate the finish of this than a 5K on the beach? Can’t wait!

Tonight I thought about doing an Ironman Triathlon. As always I try and think of one major running accomplishment a year. Last year was my first half marathon, this year was my first triathlon and next year will be my first full marathon. So for 2016 I am thinking of the Ironman Triathlon, we shall see. I brought it up to my girlfriend and her immediate response was “When will it be enough?” She didn’t mean anything bad by it, and was more concerned about the health risks. But it immediately took me back to when I first started my running journey and how the woman I was dating at the time was so negative about it. If you have read any previous posts before you would know I was previously in a relationship with a very selfish woman. She was very unsupportive in my running journey and it made things very difficult and lonely for me. The way my girlfriend responded to the Ironman topic put me right back there. And it felt awful. I know she didn’t mean it like that and she was only looking out for me, but none the less that kind of response just triggered negative emotions for me.

But at the same time it also showed me how far I have come both in my relationships with women and running in general. First off I have reached the point where I will never let a woman treat me as poorly as my ex did. I could write a book about all the horrible things she did and put me through. And that I accepted because I believed things would change. To this day if a woman did an ounce of what she did to me I would be on my way and out the door, no questions asked. Also I will never let someone dictate my ability to complete my goals, whether it is running or anything else. If I think I can achieve it then by God it will get done.

That’s it for tonight. The running journey continues onward and upward!

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