Weekly Workout Recap

So to say this week was full of accomplishments would be an understatement. I accomplished 3 milestones in my running journey: a triathlon, fastest 5K, fastest mile. And on top of all this my girlfriend and I ran our first 5K together!

First off, I completed my first triathlon! Needless to say it was such an amazing experience. I have been talking about completing it since late last year and began training officially the beginning of this year. So the anticipation of the race was at all an time high. And I felt it in my nervous system for sure. It was such an amazing accomplishment and probably wont be my last.

Not to be outdone I also ran the 5K that began all of this running nonsense last year. And not only did I celebrate a full one year of running at that 5K I also got my best time ever and finally sub 30 minutes for a 5K! Doing that a day after the triathlon made for an amazing weekend.

Here is how the week stacked up:


Saturday            .5 Mile Swim, 15.7 Bike, 5K (Triathlon!)

Sunday               5K (PR and Sub 30 Min! 9:32 Pace)

Monday              1.1 Mile Run (9:05 Pace)

Tuesday              1 Mile Run (7:11 Pace, Fastest Mile PR!)

Wednesday        1 Mile Run (9:40) + 30 Min Weight Lifting

Thursday           1.1 Mile Run (9:19 Pace)

Friday                 1 Mile Run (9:58 Pace)


I am in the thick of a current running streak. The #RWRunStreak that is going from Memorial Day to 4th of July. The past few weeks a majority of my runs have been only at the 1 mile mark because I have had some longer distance runs on the weekends. Half Marathon a few weekends back and Triathlon this past weekend. However at this point my next official run isn’t until the end of July. So in the next few weeks I will be amping up my running during the week.

Between all of my accomplishments and my girlfriend and I completing our first run together this was a really amazing week. I started this running journey a year ago not really knowing where it would take me. It is fun and exciting to see all that I am accomplishing just by sticking with it. As I always said, no magic formula, just getting up every day and accomplishing a bunch of mini goals to accomplish one larger goal.

Here’s to next week!

5K with the girlfriend, the start of the triathlon and my fastest mile!

5K with the girlfriend, the start of the triathlon and my fastest mile!


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