Weekly Workout Recap

So the race I have spent all year training for is tomorrow! The Philadelphia TriRock Series Triathlon. I am so excited and absolutely cannot wait! All the training I have done to this point has been focused on that.

And in normal fashion, last night I did a series of workouts as prep work.

I do not know if this has any merit behind it, but either way typically 2 or 3 days before big races I will do a nice long workout to get myself ready for the run in question. I guess for me it is a way to make sure everything is working properly and there will be no surprises.

Regardless, here was my week

Saturday         1 Mile Run (8:33 Pace)

          1.1 Mile Run (9:50 Pace), 30 Min Swimming,                           30 Minutes Weight Lifting

Monday           1.2 Mile Run (9:17 Pace)

         1 Mile Run (9:33 Pace)

      1.11 Mile Run (9:34), 30 Min Weight Lifting

      3.1 Mile Run (9:33 + PR!), 12 Mile Bike Ride                            (16 MPH) 1/2 Mile Swim (21 Minutes)

Friday                 1 Mile Run (9:30 Pace)


So Thursday night I decided to go for a mini triathlon. Although in my head I call it “mini” however it was only 2 miles short on the bike of the full triathlon I will be doing on Saturday. However since the swimming portion was done in a pool and bike was done on a stationary I felt it did not have the same impact as Saturday. And that’s good. No reason to do the real thing on a random Thursday night. You don’t eat steak at home right before you go to a nice steak house, right?

The good news is I finally got my 5K time on the road under 30 minutes! The treadmill has been great on helping with my speed. The road run I did was exceptionally hilly so I was very happy to get it under 30 minutes. It is my thoughts that any flat course I run I will have it significantly under 30.


5K Run, 12 Mile Stationary Bike, 1/2 Mile Swim

5K Run, 12 Mile Stationary Bike, 1/2 Mile Swim


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