Updated Progress

The picture below is a side by side comparison from two runs about a year apart from one another. The left one is a race I did in July of 2013 and the right picture is from the Half Marathon I did in June of 2014.

This running process was never about a full transformation. It was something I just kind of started doing and kept at. As with anything of course, the more you stick with something the better you get. And maybe this is because I know it is me, but I feel like the guy on the left has no clue what he is doing and the guy on the right understands what is going on, at least a little bit.

That’s what this is all about, just getting better by taking it one day at a time.




I don’t know why my bottom lip seems to cup the way it does.


2 thoughts on “Updated Progress

  1. I have a similar before/after picture. Running and triathlon has changed my life…and I meet other runners every day that shares in that experience. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others!

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