So the triathlon I have been training for over the past 6 months is this week. To say I am nervous would be an understatement. A month or so ago I participated in a Duathlon (5K, 25K Bike, 5K) and as I wrote in a previous post it was a different experience. What I noticed was because of how much money, time and effort goes into these kind of races that the field itself isn’t the normal field you would find at just a road race.

What I mean by that is because you have to invest so much into tri or duathlons the field is a lot more competitive. With road races you really just need to lace up a pair of running shoes and you’re off. No need to invest in an expensive bike or gear. As such, in road races, you get a much more diverse field.

For example at my last half marathon I was on the shuttle on the way to the starting line and overheard a woman talking about how she walks the whole time and doesn’t care about time. And then of course you have the people finishing averaging 5 minute miles. The field is so diverse that anyone at any running level can feel like they fit in.

The triathlon I feel will be very different. Not everyone will be elite, but at the same time it is definitely going to be a very competitive field. And that alone is nerve wrecking. As I said when I started this blog I never really considered myself a runner. And that feeling is never so strong than when I am involved in a race like I am about to embark on.

It weighs on my mind heavily.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am an extremely confident person. And I know I will complete this with a smile on my face. Mentally I am prepared for my entire body to cramp up during the swim and still finish with no problem. But it’s something new to me so the nerves can’t help but exist.

I once heard that if something makes you nervous than that’s how you know you care strongly about it. And that is true because I do care for sure. I joined the Organization For Autism Research to help raise money for the completion of this, have been training hard for the past 6 months and everything fitness related I do all ties into this somehow. This run has consumed my life. So these nerves are probably a good thing. For me I just need to learn how to manage them to work towards my advantage.

That is what makes this such an exciting journey; this whole running experience has been one new adventure after the next. And with each new event the nerves will come. But I go back to my motto when I started this blog “one step at a time”. And that’s exactly what I will do. One step, one swim stroke and one bike pedal in front of another.

Plus the girlfriend has provided amazing support for this. When I told her how nervous this race was making me, her response was “those other people should be nervous because you are in the field”. If that doesn’t get you motivated I don’t know what does.

So look out field, I’m coming for you.


Triathlon Week

5 thoughts on “Triathlon Week

  1. Don’t sweat the field – race your race and enjoy the time! Man I remember my first race, I felt just like you do – but I had no idea how fun it was going to be. Have a great time and good luck!

  2. How long is the triathlon? I find a varied field at sprint triathlons, and more competative at longer distances. That said, my second triathlon was a 70.3 and I showed up with a hybrid bike (I got a lot of comments on that), but I was still new to cycling and wasn’t ready for the skinny tires or cost of a road bike. Triathlon is a welcoming community. Run your race and don’t worry about the rest….

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