Weekly Workout Recap

Been working on speed a lot more on the treadmill. I like it because I can tell my body is starting to transform into being able to handle a quicker pace. However my hamstrings and quadriceps are starting to feel strained. Regardless it was a really good week!

Saturday            1 Mile Run

Sunday            Half Marathon!! 13.1 Miles. The ODDyssey Half

Monday          1.2 Mile Run

Tuesday            1.1 Mile Run + 30 Min Weight Lifting

Wednesday      1 Mile Run

Thursday          1 Mile Run  

Friday                1.2 Mile Run


This week I kept it easy since I was recovering from my 2nd Half Marathon. Next week begins prep for my first ever triathlon that is held next weekend. I will do a lot of prep running, swimming and biking so I can be prepared for Saturday.

The great news is I am still going very strong in the #RWRunStreak that is happening from Memorial Day to July 4th. I am 19 days into it and haven’t missed a day! I have come close for sure. Two runs were completed about 20 minutes before midnight. Either way it has been a lot of fun!

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