Weekly Workout Wrap Up- 2 PR’s!

The triathlon is going to be here before you know it! 21 days is the official countdown. This week was a good week.

Saturday         PR’d a 5K! Placed 3rd for my age group as well (30:10)

Sunday           Rest Day/ Memorial Weekend BBQ

Monday          5 Mile Bike Ride, 4 Mile Run (Story behind that here)

Tuesday         1 Mile Run (PR’d for my fastest mile ran in my life at 8:20)

Wednesday    1 Mile Run + 30 Minutes of Weight Lifting

Thursday        5K + a 10 Mile Bike Ride

Friday            1 Mile Run

This week was the start of the #RWRunStreak. That’s running at least 1 mile per day from Memorial day to July 4th. I did a similar one last year from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Unfortunately I didn’t get all the way through it. The cold weather got the best of me and at the time I did not have a means for indoor running. The first week of this running streak at least went well so I am happy for that.

As for my immediate running schedule my next few major runs area as follows:

June 8th Oddyssey Half Marathon

June 21st Philly Tri Rock Triathlon

June 22nd Herb Kahl 5K
(This was the very first run I ran last year to start this journey. This will signify my 1 year mark of starting all of this)

July 27th Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run


Going to be a fun summer!

beach running 460


Recorded my fastest mile ran in my life. Next up is getting it under 8 minutes.


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