My Running Finally Was Put To Some Real World Use

So since this weekend was Memorial Weekend I thought it was the best time to get my motorcycle out of storage. I keep it at my brothers because he has an enclosed shed that shields it from the elements. And rather than pay a ridiculous monthly storage fee, he keeps it there for no charge. 

Well he lives 9 miles from me. So I thought to myself, this would be a perfect time to get on my bicycle and squeeze in a 9 mile ride. (I have been doing 10 miles regularly so it made sense). I mapped out the ride, because there are some major roads I wanted to avoid. This wasn’t my traditional ride that I usually do on park trails where the worst I have to deal with is a runner now and then. No, this was a major highway and heavily trafficked roads. So I got a plan in place where the 9 miles would be somewhat scenic. 

By mile 5 that is when the trouble starts. I don’t know how my bike rates on the scale of crappy to amazing, but I know it is somewhere towards the better part. Unfortunately regardless of this fact I have been riding it pretty rough lately. (First triathlon, I don’t know any better). I haven’t been off roading or anything, but I’ve been riding on some sidewalks that I should have been avoiding.

Well back to the 5 mile mark of the ride. The bike starts wobbling and it feels tough to ride it. I hop off it and find out that the front tire is completely out of air. Nothing. So I was unfortunately put in a bit of a quandary. I had already rode a little over half the way to my brothers so there was no turning back. But I knew there was a 711 about a mile up the road and they usually have air machines. I also just started a Running Streak (#RWRRunStreak) and knew I needed to get a mile run in anyways so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. So with bike in tow I took off and ran to the 711. Without my wallet on me I could not operate the air machine. And no thanks to the cashier who wouldn’t lend me the 4 quarters it took to turn the machine on. (Side note: I find 711 cashiers to be the most useless human beings, sorry if it offends but I can site multiple examples including the one who wouldn’t give a child suffering an insulin attack any candy to raise his sugar levels, but I digress….)

So another mile and a half up the road I knew there was another air station that was free. I finally made it there only to find out my front tire no longer holds air, and it must have popped. At this point I was only 2 miles from my destination. I decided to just run the rest (with the bike). 

2 miles later and I made it to my destination. So, as the title of this post implies, all of this running I have been doing for the past year has been put to real world use. I wouldn’t have been stranded by any means. But if it weren’t for all the running I have been doing I wouldn’t have been as fully prepared to handle this situation as I was. And on top of that I was able to mix in some biking and running to prepare for the triathlon. 

Oh, and I had a great 9 mile ride back on my motorcycle 🙂

Was it all worth it? You tell me…..


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