Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Saturday Rest for Broad Street Run
Sunday 10 Mile Run (Broad Street Run!)
Monday 40 Minute Stationary Bike Ride (Broad Street Recovery Ride)
Tuesday 1 Hour of Tennis with the GF
Wednesday 10 Mile Stationary Bike Ride + Weight Lifting
Thursday 10 Mile Outdoor Bike Ride 
Friday 20 Minute Treadmill Run + Weight Lifting

This week was a lot more bike work for the upcoming Triathlon in June. It is a 250m Swim, 15 Mile Bike Ride and 5K. It will be the first time in a triathlon so I cannot wait! A month ago I did a Duathlon (5K, 15 mile Bike, 5K) and if you read my post it exposed me to a whole new world of running that I did not know existed. One that involves penalties and disqualifications. Here I just thought people could run freely. This was my first real taste of “competitive” running. I am glad I was exposed to that so I know what I can expect for the triathlon.

Next week I will be adding swimming into the mix. So triathlon training is in full swing! 

Also I had to add the hour of tennis the girlfriend and I played on Tuesday. She does Crossfit, so she enjoys being outside and active. So now that the weather is getting nicer she wants to start doing more outside activities. So we played a very rigerous match of tennis. First time I played in who knows how long. I’m not saying I am giving Federer or Nadal a run for their money, but I also think they should watch their backs. 

Overall a great week. On to the next one!

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