Found a Pool!

Official triathlon training has been going on for about a month now. Or maybe should I say unofficial, because I have yet to actually touch water (outside of the ridiculous rain the North East got the past few days). But none the less I am still active. I am running constantly, and recently completed a duathlon. So I am not concerned by the lack of swimming so far.

However that being said I will not ignore the swimming portion. For the past month I have been looking for a pool to train in. This is the part of training that I probably should have done more research on. When I am training for runs or bike rides it is a little easier. I put on my shoes and I go out and do what I need to do. Outside of needing to get a bike and a good pair of running shoes, it really wasn’t that difficult to train (minus the actual training itself of course, that should never be easy).

With triathlon training it is a lot different. I can’t fill the bath tub up and swim. I can’t jump in the local creek and go. So I was presented with a much more difficult task: where the hell am I going to find a pool? All local gyms were out, because A) I am moving out of the area in a month so it didn’t make sense to get locked into a long term contract and B) I have a gym at work, I am not going to pay a ridiculous monthly fee for just your pool. Same goes for the YMCA. By the way what happened to the Y being an affordable option as the famous song implies? That place is the most expensive in the area!


My other options were a couple of local aquatic centers. But again, no long term contracts for this guy and they don’t offer a month by month pool only membership. So with a month left of living in this area, and only a month and a half til the tri, my search went into overdrive. I heard local high schools had options you could choose from however never saw anything.

Well I found it! A local high school right down the road from me offers “open swims” to the community twice a week. Which is exactly what I need for my schedule. And you pay as you go, so no need to get locked into anything. $3 a session works for me! The best part is that it is a little less than 4 miles from my home so I can kill two birds with one stone. In the beginning I will ride my bike to the pool. This way I can practice 2/3’s of the triathlon. In a few weeks I will switch to running there. 8 miles, plus a swim? If that doesn’t say triathlon preparedness I don’t know what does. 

The joy of finding a pool like this is probably a lot more than it should be for me, but I am a beginner at all of this triathlon stuff so it is nice to get the experience of figuring it all out. 

One thought on “Found a Pool!

  1. That is great! I too just started training, with no pool. I found a couple local schools that also do pay as you pay sessions and it is great and affordable. Way better than paying for a gym membership that you don’t need.

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