Running Update- Hot Chocolate 15K Recap, Training Update

It has been a while since I last posted so I wanted to make sure to get an update.

Last week officially began my triathlon training. Which doesn’t mean much to me, other than I am only a few months away! I cannot wait to check another accomplishment off the bucket list.

This past weekend I did the Hot Chocolate 15K in Philadelphia. It is a race that has had a lot of buzz in this area so I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. It was a lot of fun. It took the normal path that most runs in the Philadelphia area take. Down Ben Franklin, up along the river and ending at the famous Rocky Steps. It was a great scenic view and a relatively flat run. Best of all it was all chocolate themed. At the end you received chocolate fondue and a cup of hot chocolate, and during the run they were handing out chocolate pieces at the 6 mile mark. I set a few PR’s for 5 and 10K’s so that was also a positive. And at the end of the race a random stranger came up to me because I was wearing my Organization for Autism Research shirt, and he informed me he also runs for that cause. It felt good to feel connected to someone in that way.

Set some PR’s! (Remember, this body isn’t built for speed)

Before the race kicked off

This smiling face was waiting for me at the finish line. Even the worst race wouldn’t be that bad with her.

Lately I haven’t been as regimented with my running as I was last year when I was preparing for a half marathon. I think there are multiple reasons for that, good and bad. One, being that I feel more comfortable running the half this time around since I have done it before. Last time I was so nervous that I was going to fail that I trained like a robot. This time around I know what it takes and there isn’t that same concern. Which I see as a good thing. I am getting to the point where I can now refer to 5 and 10 mile runs like they are nothing. Whereas a year ago I would have never thought they were possible.

However on the bad side that means I do not train as hard as I could. Dont get me wrong, I am running weekly. But I could be working on speed or training harder. So I do need to push myself as well. Regardless, I am happy that long runs are starting to be something not to fear. I remember my first 5K I trained for almost a month and a half, literally one mile at a time. Now I feel like I could run a 5K at the drop of a hat. I felt good that I was able to run the entire 15K without walking once, so I am happy about where I am at with training.

Some things have changed in my personal life that have also helped my running. About a month ago I began dating that smiling face pictured above. It has been going really well. She supports me in everything I do and is one of my loudest supporters. And that is important to me because of how my running started, which is a story I will tell now.

I decided to officially commit to running about a year ago. I.E. not giving up after one 5K. At the time I was dating someone who was very selfish about it. I won’t speak poorly about her, because that is not who I am, but she never could be happy for me because in the back of her mind I was accomplishing things that she wanted to, but wasn’t. When I brought up the fact that I wanted to do a Half Marathon, her responses were filled with reasons why it was a dumb idea. When I was in training and posting on social media about how it was going, I was told I was being annoying and posting too much. Here I was, someone who never thought he could accomplish this, feeling like the world was against him, and the person who was closest to me was essentially telling me I was right for being so self-conscious, and that it would never happen. It is hard doing something life changing all alone, it is even tougher when those closest to you build those road blocks.

But that is the past. And I am not one to dwell on it as much as let it make me better. And that is what happened. I used that discouragement that was thrown my way and I trained harder than ever and accomplished my goals. Here I am a year later and this new woman who walked into my life couldn’t be a bigger supporter if she tried. She always wants to know how things are going, is always up for the early morning trips to cheer me on, and pushes me to succeed. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this journey. In fact she keeps a better track of my training and health then I think I do.

I try not to get too personal with this because I don’t know how many people want to hear it, but it has a major impact on my running so it is vital to the story.

That being said I have finalized my running schedule for 2014. It is a lot of major runs, but it is going to be so much fun. It is as follows:

19-Apr Delaware Valley Duathlon
4-May Broad Street Run
18-May WildWood Half Marathon
21-Jun Philly Triathlon
27-Jul Merrell Mud Run
16-Aug Washington Crossing 15K
20-Sep Spartan Race
11-Oct Tough Mudder
23-Nov Philly Half Marathon

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