Let the training for the 2nd Half Begin!

So the training for my 2nd Half marathon has started this week. Same plan as last time so I am not too afraid of it. I’ve done it before and I know what it takes to be successful with it. So I am looking forward to the experience again.

The one difference I have noticed with the 2nd time around is a psychological change. I think since everything was so new I had a different outlook on it. There was a sense of the unknown that kept things interesting. And the thought of eventually calling myself a Half Marathon runner that really motivated me. At the same time I had someone very close to me who I confided in give me all the reasons why I couldn’t do it which pushed me hard to prove them wrong. That may have added to it as well.

This time around there is just a different feeling. Maybe because I already can say I’ve run a half marathon before or the fact that I’ve gone through this program already or that I no longer have any nay sayers.

Whatever it is I am still attacking this plan with the same dedication. Especially because this is the start of something much bigger. After this race I have a significant amount of large runs this year (Triathlon, 15K, Tough Mudder) that I will be completing. So my eye is always being kept on the bigger picture. Which is a complete and total transformation for 2014.

Also, training for a Half Marathon during the winter (needless to say) is not the same as the summer. My area has been hit hard with snow recently and I don’t train on treadmills. So you can imagine what it’s been like. But as the saying goes: “that which does not kill us, only makes us stronger”. So I keep moving on and as I always say: take it one day at a time.

Here’s a look at some of my running trail:


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