Half Marathon #1: First Half Under The Belt!

Well I can officially say I’ve run a half marathon! It’s still somewhat surreal. I’ve always looked at completing this as something meant for runners and not someone like me. But here I am.

This journey has been a lot of fun. And really eye opening at the same time. When I started this, someone very close to me told me that it would be almost impossible to complete. It was 2 months ago that I just up and decided to do this. 2 months to get ready to run 13.1 miles. And part of me believed they were right. That I couldn’t do this and I should just give up.

But I didn’t.

I stuck to my running plan and every night just took it one day at a time. I didn’t do anything special but wake up and accomplish a singular goal, in order to achieve my major goal.

And now here I am. It wasn’t easy. The miles were tough, but it was definitely a life changing event for me. I proved to myself that something that can look so daunting can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

One of the best parts of all this is I did it in a half decent time. Through my training I expected to finish in 2 hours 45 min. By the end I finished officially at 2:37:57.

Now it’s on to the next goal. In keeping with my running theme my next goal will be for speed. My best 5K time has been 30:58. I am shooting for a 28 minute 5K. That attempt will come in about a month. So there’s no time to rest and bask in my accomplishments. Time to make this next goal a reality!

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”
-Michael Jordan





4 thoughts on “Half Marathon #1: First Half Under The Belt!

  1. Super congrats! That’s a great accomplishment! I see you ran a Rock n’ Roll – that was my first one as well. Hearing all the music at every turn was awesome!

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