Taking time off

So I’m at that point where I’ve taken some days off from running. Nothing serious. But last week I missed a running day. And this week I pushed my long run back by 2 days.

It feels like I’ve taken forever off. My last run was 5 days ago.

I’m no running expert so I can’t tell you if this is good or bad. But I am listening to my body.

Last week I developed a bone spur in my foot. It happened because my left shoe was tied too tight and I really pushed myself during a 5K.

I feel like I shouldn’t have taken the time off but I can tell a difference in my body. No pain, no soreness. I feel great.

For me it’s not about not being able to do the miles. I have faith I can do the 13.1. I just don’t want to fall behind in my training. None the less I can’t argue with my body. I’m not in mass amounts of pain. The bone spur is something I can run through. But I want my body to feel great for the run. I want to wake up and be prepared 110%. So I’m going to be back at the long run tomorrow.

That all being said I didn’t take off completely from the exercise. 2 days ago I visited the Body Cycle Studio in Philadelphia. It’s such a great facility. Some of the most up to date and advanced spinning bikes I’ve been on. And the instructors are intense! If you’re ever in the area check them out.




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