Running lesson learned

Well tonight I learned a lesson. Taking time off is not good. Not that I needed to be taught that, it’s pretty obvious. None the less I learned it.

This past weekend was my first vacation of the summer. I had it all planned out. Even though I was on vaca I wasn’t going to let that interfere with my training program. Easier said than done.

I found a local gym and on Saturday (my cross training day) I planned a spin class. And Sunday (my long run day) I mapped out a 7 mile route.

Well lets just say Vodka got in the way of that. Again, I’m no fitness expert. I’m your all American male who just is taking this all, day by day and learning as I go.

So as such I did what anyone does on vacation, I indulge. And then indulge some more. One shot, two shot, three shot…. And so on and so on.

The one thing I can say for myself is that during this entire training period I’ve all but given up on drinking. Sure I’ll go out and have a few beers here and there. But I can’t remember the last time I drank in excess.

Well boy did I learn the ramifications of that on Saturday. I may as well have been a Freshman in college experiencing Bacardi 151 for the first time. Saturday I was dead to the world hungover. And I don’t mean headache in the morning hangover. I mean hungover when I woke up and just as hungover 15 hours later when I went to sleep.

Needless to say spin never happened and my scheduled long run was a pipe dream. Essentially the whole weekend thrown away.

So today was a scheduled rest day. Well no time for that. My weekend was shot. So I got out there and did my 7 miles today. Slowest pace so far.

Again I am setting no world records. But I have a pace I’d like to keep. And tonight was a joke. Overall I felt good and ran all 7 miles straight. Which is the most distance ever for me. So I can take some solitude in that. But I learned quickly that there’s no time to take off.

A) Now my next rest day won’t be until Friday. B) My body just didnt move tonight the way I’d want it to.

So lesson learned. Keep moving forward. Be smart about it. And as always, no matter what, put one foot in front of the other.


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