Just keep running

If there is one thing running is showing me, it is that the harder you work the better you get.

Unfortunately the same doesn’t go for everything. In my non-running world hard work doesn’t always equal success. This isn’t the forum for it so there is no need to go deeper, but it’s just what I have come to learn.

Running on the other hand is different. If you continue with your training plan your running will improve.

I started the journey to completing a half marathon about a month ago. By no means am I a world class runner by now, but I am doing a lot better than I expected. I started running up to 3 miles and felt anything above that would be impossible.

Yesterday I completed the 6 mile mark. And I felt like I could do so much more. Way more than I thought I would by this time.

So trust me, while other things in your world may not be improving through your hard work, if you stick to your running plan it only gets better.

2 thoughts on “Just keep running

  1. Hard work is the key to most problems; but sadly, sometimes hard work doesn’t always get you to the end of every tunnel. Much like with running, as long as you resolve to do the best that you can, and affirm in yourself that you’ve given it everything that you have, your sense of achievement should be heightened. Keep writing!

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