Running + Popcorn = Dangerous

So tonight I learned the danger of eating half a bag of popcorn before running.

I’m sure it goes without saying the two don’t mix well. But back to my original post; I’m no fitness expert and don’t live my life like one.

Today was my long run day. 6 miles total. The cycling really worked. My knees and legs felt great!

The 6 miles weren’t too bad. Today’s run definitely has shown me that this half marathon is something not to fear. In fact I am excited for it!


The popcorn on the other hand did not agree. By mile 2 I was severely dehydrated. I could feel it in my lips. Go figure, a salty snack would affect my water intake? Well, lesson learned tonight.

Overall trainings going well. I can tell a huge difference in myself. I ran the 6 miles and felt I could do another 4 with no issue. And the weight is starting to come down.

I started this venture at around 272. I’m closer to about 258. Again nothing more than waking up every day and telling myself today I am accomplishing what is on the schedule.


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